‘Curious Creatures’

Pre-School are ready for our next learning theme ‘Curious Creatures’. We have our stories at the ready! We look forward to meeting some of our story characters at the @WhitePostFarm roadshow on our first Monday back… #EarlyYears  

Year 6 Shadows

Year 6 had lots of fun learning about how shadows are created and making their own shadow puppet theatres.


Pharaoh Cogle was mummified today following his class’ instructions.

Art club

Art club enjoyed creating their own Zentangle designs. They used pencils to draw black and white patterns within an animal outline. Feeling creative!

Testing instructions

Miss Parkes’ class have tested their instructions to make an Egyptian mummy.

Year 1 Puppet Show

The children in year 1 have read instructions, ordered them and made puppets. We are now delighted to present the show  

Ditch the Dummy!

F1’s Dummy Fairy is waiting for dummies! Drop the dummy! #EarlyYears #DitchTheDummy

Year 4 Assembly

Well done to Year 4 who delivered a fantastic class assembly to KS2 this afternoon! Amazing to see the children developing their speaking and listening skills!

Internet Safety Day 2020

Year 1 have been learning a song about staying safe online.  https://twitter.com/i/status/1227224375553904640