Foundation 2



Miss Newham | Miss Parker | Mrs Pick | Miss Stretton

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Crampton | Mrs McCann

Morning Session

8:55am - 11:50am

Afternoon Session

12:25pm- 3:05pm

Welcome to Foundation 2

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All of our classrooms are bright and spacious, providing the ideal environment for both learning and child-initiated activities. The children are supported by the class teacher and teaching assistants throughout the week. Foundation 2 has four classes and the teachers are Miss Newham, Mrs Pick, Miss Stretton and Miss Parker.  The teaching assistants in Foundation 2 are Mrs Crampton and Mrs McCann. The daily routine involves a wide curriculum of free choice activities with some structured learning. This balances academic and creative tasks, both indoor and outdoor.

Reading is something we love to do and we really hope you can share this experience with your child. We ask you to listen to your child read at least 4 times a week and write a note in their diary to let the teacher know how they got on.

As we are always busy in school, extra help is much appreciated. If you are interested in coming in to school to help with the children’s learning, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

In Foundation 2, P.E is done every week. It is very important that each child brings their own P.E kit (shorts, t-shirt and plimsolls) and keeps this in school each half term. Please ensure each piece of your child’s clothing is clearly named. This means any missing pieces can be easily returned to its owner. PE and learning is thirsty work so we also recommend sending a named water bottle in with your child too.

We promote independence in the Foundation Stage, including the children entering the classroom on their own, putting on their own coats, going to the toilet unaided, getting changed for P.E and accessing activities independently. Any support with encouraging the children’s independence is very helpful.

We spend a lot of time with the children. However, this doesn’t mean that we see all of their learning experiences as these will also happen at home. To make sure we have record of these achievements, each classroom has a wallet containing ‘WOW Moment’ cards for you to write down what your child has done. These achievements can be anything such as: learning to ride a bike, writing their name or helping out at home. These moments will then go into their learning journey as a record for their learning.

We are a friendly, caring team and if you ever have any queries about your child’s education please talk to any of the F2 members of staff.