Year 3



Miss Holmes | Mr Cogle | Miss Allwood | Miss Birch

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gill |

Morning Session

8:55am - 12:15pm

Afternoon Session

1:00pm - 3:05pm

Welcome to Year 3

Our curriculum news & blog

Welcome to Year 3! Our year group leader is Miss Holmes. We have three class teachers; Mr Cogle, Miss Allwood and Miss Birch. Mrs Gill also works with the whole year group. If you have any concerns during the year the best time to speak to us is at the end of the day. However, if you think you need a little longer than a few minutes please ring the office to make an appointment.

Now the new term is well underway and the children are settled with their Year 3 teachers, we thought it was time to share with you some of the exciting things we have planned for the rest of the year.


On Thursdays, Year 3 will be working with a specialist music teacher called Mr Trippett from the Notts. Music Service. During these sessions children will enjoy rhythm and sound work as well as singing and playing an instrument.

White Post Farm

As children missed the visit from White Post Farm in Year 2, we have arranged for them to come and visit us in Year 3 in our first week of term. They will bring a range of fluffy animals and reptiles in for children to learn about. They will be able to hold and stroke most of the animals.


Working Science Workshop – Forces including Magnets

During spring term, we are lucky enough to have an expert Scientist coming into Year 3. Children will take part in an amazing hand-on practical workshop about forces and magnets, where children will experiment with different types of forces, such as air pressure, gravity, friction and magnetism.

Egyptian Workshop

During our topic of the Ancient Egyptians we will be having an Egyptian day. Cleopatra will transport us back in time to 31BCE to teach us about life back then. During the day children will get chance to do participate in practical activities such as mummifying bodies, making scrolls and building pyramids, as well as learning about lots more exciting things about Ancient Egyptians.

Sherwood Forest Visit

This trip pulls together our summer Geography and Science work. We will use our map and orienteering skills, which we have learnt throughout summer term, to find Robin Hood and his Merry Men who are hiding in the forest. While we are going through the forest, we will look at the different plants and trees and investigate how Robin Hood and his Merry Men used certain plants in their time. We will also visit the craft centre where children can have a look at the different fossils and even buy their very own to take home.

River Walk Day

As part of our Geography and History topics we will take a walk into Newark along the River Devon and Trent. We will identify the features of both rivers and investigate how they differ. Further along the River we will be met by volunteers from the River and Canal Trust, who will walk and talk with us along the canal and show us inside the lock control room. Look out for the haulage path which was used to help horses grip as they pulled wagons of grain from the wharf to the factories.

Timetables and reading

Year 3 children are expected to read to an adult every night and have it sign by the adult who has heard them read. This will ensure children enhance their vocabulary and reading skills. This is celebrated in class with a reward chart and rewards.

This year, we are continuing Times Table Rockstars throughout Sir Donald Bailey. It is an online game to help the children practice and learn their times tables. Children should be encouraged to play this as many times as possible.

P.E and Swimming

Miss Birch’s and Mr Cogles’ class have P.E on a Tuesday afternoon. Miss Allwood class have P.E on a Wednesday afternoon. Children will need to have the correct P.E kit with them to be able to participate.


After February half term, Year 3 will start swimming lessons. Girls will need a swimming costume NOT a bikini and boys need close fitting trunks NOT baggy style shorts. The leisure centre are very strict about these rules and children will not be allowed to swim without the correct style of kit.


Earrings must be removed on P.E. and swimming days. Unfortunately staff are not allowed to do this. Thank you for your help with these requirements.

Year 3 Curriculum Overview