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Welcome to Year 3

Our curriculum news & blog

Welcome to Year 3! Our year group leader is Mrs Middleton and we welcome a teacher new to the school into our year group, Miss Cribb. Miss Holmes and Mr Duncan make up the rest of the team. If you have any concerns during the year the best time to speak to us is at the end of the day. However, if you think you need a little longer than a few minutes please ring the office to make an appointment.

Now the new term is well underway and the children are settled with their Year 3 teachers, we thought it was time to share with you some of the exciting things we have planned for the rest of the year.


Stone Age Day

As part of our topic on The Stone Age we have arranged a Stone Age afternoon on Thursday 8th November. We will taking part in some Stone Age music, including singing, creating some Stone Age cave paintings and making jewellery. We are sure that this experience will enrich the children’s knowledge and understanding of history.

Year 3 Residential Visit to Sherwood Forest.

Following the success of last year’s trip, a residential visit has been booked for Year 3. This time we are going later in the year and we are very excited to be staying, once again, in the purpose built Youth Hostel in the heart of Sherwood Forest. Year 3 will go in two groups, each half of the year group staying away for one night and two full days, leaving school at 9am on the first day and returning during the early evening on the second.

Much of our work in school throughout the Summer Term will be based on our residential which is one of the reasons that we hope ALL the children will participate. The other reason is that this time away from home really gives your child a chance to gain confidence and to be independent, to spend time with their friends and to experience things that they will remember for a very long time. Last year almost every child in the year group participated in the visit and most of them will tell you it was the best part of Year3.

We will be learning all about the forest and its most famous inhabitants, Robin Hood and his Merry Men, about the plants and animals whose homes are there and about the work of the rangers who protect them. We will be visiting the craft centre and having a go at some local crafts and visiting Ollerton Watermill as part of our geography work, learning how to read a map and the skills of orienteering as well as lots of walking!

Timetables and reading

Year 3 children are expected to read to an adult every night and have it sign by the adult who heard them read. This will ensure children enhance their vocabulary and reading skills. This is celebrated in class with a reward chart and rewards. Thank you for supporting your child with this.

This year, we have introduced Times Table Rockstars throughout Sir Donald Bailey. It is an online game to help the children practice and learn their times tables. Children should be encouraged to play this as many times as possible.


Is on Wednesday. Please make sure your child always has a kit in school.

Swimming starts for Year 3 after February half term. Girls will need a swimming costume NOT a bikini and boys need close fitting trunks NOT Bermuda style shorts. The leisure centre are very strict about these rules and children will not be allowed to swim without the correct style of kit.

Earrings must be removed on P.E. and swimming days. Unfortunately staff are not allowed to do this. Thank you for your help with these requirements.


Now your child is in Key Stage 2 they no longer receive fruit from school at break time. If your child would like to bring some fruit (fresh or dried) to school from home to eat at morning break time this is fine. However, no other snacks are allowed.


On Thursday’s Year 3, will be working with a specialist music teacher called Mr Trippett from the Notts. Music Service. The children will be learning how to begin to read music and enjoying rhythm and sound work as well as singing and playing instruments. In previous years we have used violins but being a trombone specialist, Mr Trippett will be bringing plastic instruments into school for the children to learn to play this year.

You will receive more information about borrowing the instruments and opportunities for extra lessons after school in a letter coming home soon. 

Year 3 Curriculum Overview