Foundation 1



Miss English | Mrs Walker

Teaching Assistant

Miss Greaves

Morning Session

8:45am - 11:45am

Afternoon Session

12:30pm - 3:15pm

Welcome to Foundation 1

Our curriculum news & blog

We are very excited about this school year. Our Foundation classroom is bright and spacious, an ideal environment for children to explore, learn and play. The children are supported to take part in a wide range of learning experiences by the teachers and apprentices throughout the week. The daily routine involves children choosing activities and directing their own learning with the addition of some structured lessons including Phonics and Mathematics. This enables us to offer a balance of academic and creative tasks, both indoor and outdoor.

September: The first half term
The topic this half term is ‘Amazing Me’. During this topic we will be learning about each other, our bodies, our senses, keeping healthy and our families. These themes will link to a story and support our free choice activities around the room both indoors and outdoors. Some of the books we will be looking at this half term are: Tusk trouble by Jane Clark, Five minutes’ peace by Jill Murphy and Funny Bones by Janet and Allan Ahlburg.

Reading is something we love to do
It is very important that children look at books at home and we ask you to share a story with your child every night. Children can change their book when they are ready for a new story and we have lots to choose from in the box by the cloakroom area. Research has found that children who share stories and nursery rhymes with adults in the early years find it easier to learn to read. Please comment in the Home-School Diary about the stories you have read, as well as any other fun activities your children may have experienced outside of school. You can purchase a book bag from the school office.

Parent/ carer helpers
If you are a parent/ carer with moments spare to visit school and read with the children, we have a wide selection of books the children would adore sharing with you. Being so busy in school, extra helping hands are much appreciated. If you are interested in stopping by at school during the session to help with the children’s learning, please raise this interest with your child’s class teacher.

We remind parents to label all items of their child’s clothing, especially jumpers and cardigans so that we can avoid lost clothing across morning and afternoon sessions. The box labelled ‘No Name’ in the cloakroom is where found unlabelled clothing is stored. We are always grateful for clothing donations in Foundation for times when children need changing. With this being said, if you can remember, please bring in spare clothes for your child in case of any little accidents.

The Foundation Nativity 2017
Please see below the lyrics to the songs we will be practising with the children as we build up towards our Christmas Nativity, Born in a Barn.