Pre-school and F1 parents morning drop off

Please see the divide to keep Pre-School and F1 parents separate at morning drop off. Please get hands ready for cleaning. Thank you!    

Our Pre-School, for children aged 2-years-old!

If you have a child aged 2-years-old or approaching their 2nd birthday, we have funded and paid places available. Please email to express your interest. Find out more information about our setting by viewing…  

Crackle! Pop! Whizz! Bang!

Crackle! Pop! Whizz! Bang!We made our own firework pictures in Pre-School using glue and glitter. Look at all the sparkles!#EYFS #EarlyYears

September provision for 2-3 year olds

View our Pre-School page for information about our September provision for 2- and 3-year-olds. Get in contact to express your interest in our paid or funded places!… #EarlyYears #PreSchool

Pre-school waiting list

If you have a child who will be 2 years old on the 31st August, we currently have space on the Pre-School waiting list. Funded and non funded spaces available. Please text the school or email to express your interest!#EarlyYears #Newark Those who have signed up, please remember to collect your welcome pack from […]

Parent Factsheet

Please see attached the information fact sheet about your child attending the early years provision!  

Pre-school Introductory Video

We look forward to welcoming all new children into our Preschool, Foundation 1 and Foundation 2. Please watch our videos for each year group so that you and your child can begin to familiarise yourself with the classrooms, outdoor areas and other areas of school your child will be learning in. Details will be shared […]