Attendance Award

We are very pleased to share that we have been recognised with the FFT National Attendance Award, placing us in the top 25% for pupil attendance, nationally and among similar schools.

Summer Fair

Sending out a huge thank you to everyone for your support of the Summer Fair this year, we raised a huge £1450 👏

Mental Health Awareness week

This week is ‘Mental Health Awareness week’. Here are a couple of links to some ideas to help you or your child We are always here for you☺️

Online Safety Meeting Slideshow

Please have a look at the slideshow from the Online Safety Meeting. There are also some handouts available in the school office.

Thank you!

Thank you so much to Newark Homebase for this amazing donation. The children are going to love it    

Pre-school and F1 parents morning drop off

Please see the divide to keep Pre-School and F1 parents separate at morning drop off. Please get hands ready for cleaning. Thank you!    

Back to school info and advice

Please keep your distance from anyone not in your household before and after school and remind your children to do the same. By keeping at least 2 metres apart we can help stop the spread of the virus. Thank you! More info and advice  

The Gruffalo

F1 are reading ‘The Gruffalo’. We found mud and sticks from the deep dark wood. We made patterns with the sticks in the mud before having a go at name writing. We loved using the sticks and mud as a mark making tool!See if you can make marks in the mud using a stick at […]