Challenge 5

Challenge 5- Wall Sit

Did you see the Supermoon?Today’s tour is of the Northern Lights! If you reply with a country, I will see if I can take you there! Stay safe everyoneNorthern Lights Live Cam – watch the Aurora Borealis |

Foundation 2 Easter Bonnet Parade

Foundation 2 are holding an Easter Bonnet parade. The teachers have already made theirs. Can you guess who they are?See our website for more details.

Thank you!

Thank you to Simon and Kaiden’s Mum for providing these treats for everyone at the provision  

Challenge 4

Challenge 4- step back throws  

Out of the Ark Music

All of the songs and resources for week 3 are now available online. SPOILER ALERT …. there are some Easter favourites in there! #KeepSinging #Easter#EasterSongs

Challenge 3

Challenge 3- speed bounce

Challenge 2

Challenge 2- clap catches  

More Sports Challenges and Games

If you are interested in more sport challenges and games for your family (similar to the ones Mr Evans will be posting over the next few weeks), visit the Youth Sports Trust home learning page-…