Foundation 2 Baking

This morning, F2S are baking teddy bear biscuits linked to this week’s book – Can’t You Sleep Little Bear.

How germs spread

  Today, year 2 have been investigating how germs spread thankfully, we used glitter!

Science in Year 1

Year 1 have enjoyed learning about their bones and making skeletons in science.

DIY in Foundation 1

DIY? Foundation 1 are sorted… Look! Hammer and nail training ticked off. We started by hammering nails into a marrow and now we’re here! Exercising our fine motor skills! #EarlyYears #EYFS

Year 1 Numbers

Year 1 have had lots of fun today, learning to add numbers!

Year 1 Acting

Year 1 are having fun acting out the story of ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt,’I think we may have some good actors and actresses. Check out twitter @sirdonaldbailey for a video.

Tag Rugby Event

Well done to our pupils that took part in the Tag Rugby event yesterday. They did amazing and claimed 3rd place Well done #TeamSDBA #Sports

F1 Numbers

#F1 is like a stick, straight down very quick. go straight around, then make a line across the ground. is like a bee, round and round that makes a three. Down and across, and down once more that’s the way to make a number . Short neck, belly fat, number wears a hat.

Pre-school running race

Ready, steady, GO! Pre-school enjoyed a running race in the sunshine. We remembered to stretch before our race. We dodged our friends to the finish line! Physical activity helps us develop coordination and makes us feel good. Lots of smiles!