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Room Leader

Miss Osborne

Childcare Assistants

Miss Williams | Miss Watson | Mrs Pask

Childcare Apprentices

Miss Loveday | Miss Whyton

Morning Session

9:00am - 12:00pm

Afternoon Session

1:00pm - 4:00pm

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An exciting year! We have reopened our Pre-School; a great opportunity for two year olds to start their schooling journey in a relaxed and caring environment.

In our care
Our room lead, Miss Osborne, is a qualified level 6 with a BA Hons degree in Early childhood studies. With three children of her own and over ten years childcare experience, specialising in child development and education working with children from six weeks until five years. 

Her Pre-School team is made up of level 2 to level 4 childcare practitioners, all of which are currently completing childcare college or university level training to develop further professionally.

Our sessions
We offer a variety of sessions, for funded and non-funded children. Please contact the school office via phone or email for more information.

If you do not qualify for the funding we do offer paid places: £13 for either morning or afternoon session; £26 for day session.

The morning session runs from 9am-12pm
The afternoon session runs from 1pm-4pm
The day session runs from 9am-3pm

Bright, open learning environment
Our classroom is open plan, with access to our own outdoor area. With the routine and the open space, the children are provided with the opportunity to select the area they desire to engage with. Meaning that within the free-flow time one child can freely access each of the areas on offer, from the musical pans outside… to the construction area inside… to the sensory basket.

Our routine is set so that children can learn through purposeful play, promoting and enhancing their development. The provision is planned with the children’s levels of development in order to appropriately support and challenge, with reflection on the child’s interests.

The session routine begins with registration where the children are invited to count the adults and their friends, sing and sign the days of the week, before creating a discussion about the themed activities for the children to access.

Following on the children access their free-flow time where children can choose their own play activity. Within the session, children have their learning directed with the addition of structured group time. The group circle time focuses on phonics, mathematics or literacy. This enables us to offer a balance of academic and creative tasks, both indoors and outdoors.

An early love for reading
Research has found that children in early years, who share stories and nursery rhymes with adults find it easier to learn to read. In Pre-School we have an inviting book corner and offer the children opportunities to sit and enjoy stories with their teachers. 

As part of our routine, we end each session with a story and rhyme. When reading, the children are invited to join in with repeated phrases, actions, or to hold some of the characters from the story to create a visual aid. In addition, the adult-led activities and selected areas of the provision are themed around the story of the week in order to encourage an early love for reading and for children to react the familiar story.

It is valuable for adults to share books with children at home. Share a story with your child each night, this supports communication, language, literacy skills and supports behaviour with a familiar routine. We love to hear about the stories that you are sharing at home with your child, please make note of the stories in your child’s home school diary or on your child’s Tapestry account. This provides a talking point for us teachers in school, as we invite your child to talk about the books they have shared at home.

Talking time at home
Remember to bring your child’s home school dairy with them to each session so we can make note of the story of the week and the activities your child has completed. Talk to your child at home, ask questions, this promoted the thinking process and the understanding of spoken language. Ask questions about their day in preschool; ask about your child’s friends at school; ask about the story of the week; ask what fruit your child enjoyed at fruit and milk time.

Numbers and shapes are everywhere
In Pre-School we gain our number awareness through number rhymes. The children would love for you to sing these at home too! At registration, the children count their friends and register their friends – this helps with recalling our friend’s names as well as counting in sequence. In our mathematics area, we use blocks to build and position, and we explore shapes pictured on the resources or in the provision. This provides us a baseline of knowledge for when we enter Foundation One.

Parent/ carer helpers
If you are a parent/ carer with moments spare to visit school and read with the children, we have a wide selection of books the children would adore sharing with you. Being so busy in school, extra helping hands are much appreciated. If you are interested in stopping by at school during the session to help with the children’s learning, please raise this interest with Miss Osborne.

We remind parents to label all items of their child’s clothing, especially jumpers and cardigans so that we can avoid lost clothing. We are always grateful for clothing donations in Pre-School for times when children need changing. With this being said, if you can remember, please bring in spare clothes for your child in case of any little accidents.

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