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We aim to instill that same sense of ingenuity and creativity within our children, underpinned by determination and self-belief, as examplified by Sir Donald Bailey

The modular bridge shown in the accompany images, designed by Sir Donald Bailey was used in the second world war, significantly towards the end of the war. As the allies advanced the bridges were used to cross rivers where old bridges had been blown up by the retreating enemy. The structure was ingenious, as it maximised efficiency in its ratio to strength and weight. It was strong enough to withstand all heavy armoured vehicles and yet light enough for each section to be lifted and rapidly placed into position by just three men.

The Sir Donald Bailey Academy site now stands upon the old training grounds of the ROYAL ENGINEERS responsible for training military personnel to assemble the bridge sections. The design of the system and the ability to fix the sections together very quickly was of paramount importance in the war effort.

pupil designs and participation


Putting shapes together that fit perfectly to reflect the positive and negative shapes of the Bailey Bridge section

colour spectrum

Exploring colour combinations and complimentary colours at opposite ends of the colour spectrum

pupil design session

Pupils particpate in the design process for the Sir Donald Bailey Academy Logo

A design session took part between staff, children and our design agency. Two significant Sir Donald Bailey Pupil designs (shown above) became the basis and inspiration for the new school logo. The two ideas where combined. One showing shapes both positive and negative reflecting those in the bridge section, and the second idea of using a crest to reflect the high ambitions of the school.

After careful consideration of colour combinations the final logo below was developed as shown below.