Year 6 Newstead Abbey Visit

Year 6 have had a brilliant day. We are just leaving Newstead Abbey and are expected back at school at 3.30pm.

Year 6 Newstead Abbey Visit

Year 6 are having a great day at Newstead Abbey. We had lots of fun playing Victorian parlour games this morning.

Year 6 Newstead Abbey Visit

Year 6 had a great time making sugar mice in a Victorian kitchen this morning. They can’t wait to bring them home!

Year 6 Newstead Abbey Visit

Year 6 have arrived at Newstead Abbey for their Victorian Christmas Day! Group A are learning how to make sugar mice with Mrs Drew

Street Child in Year 6

Year 6 have been developing their speaking and listening skills this week by participating in a debate about whether Jim’s life is better working for Grimy Nick or in a Victorian workhouse. Halfway through ‘Street Child’ now and we can’t wait to read the ending!

Dream Big Assembly

Mrs Connolly and Mrs Longney pretending they know all about football!!!

Dream Big assembly

A fantastic ‘Dream big” assembly was delivered by Notts Forest this afternoon! The children have been learning about setting high expectations for themselves and dreaming big!

Singing in pre-school

We love singing in pre-school! #EarlyYears check out our video on Twitter:

Tricky words!

Practising reading our tricky words today in reading